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Peter Higgs did not know he had won Nobel Prize

British physicist Peter Higgs is pictured at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Meyrin near Geneva, Switzerland on July 4 last year.

Photo: Reuters

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Peter Higgs has revealed he did not know he had won the award until a woman congratulated him in the street.

Higgs, who does not own a mobile phone, said a former neighbor had pulled up in her car as he was returning from lunch in Edinburgh.

“She congratulated me on the news and I said ‘oh, what news?’,” he added.

The woman had been alerted by her daughter in London that Higgs had won the award, he revealed.

The 84-year-old emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh was recognized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for his work on the theory of the particle which shares his name, the Higgs boson.

He shares this year’s physics prize with Francois Englert of Belgium, and joins the ranks of past Nobel winners including Marie Curie and Albert Einstein.

Speaking for the first time about the award at a media conference at the University of Edinburgh, he said, “How do I feel? Well, obviously I’m delighted and rather relieved in a sense that it’s all over. It has been a long time coming.”

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1. congratulate v.

恭喜 (gong1 xi3)

例: We’re going to throw a party to congratulate him on his promotion.


2. pull up v. phr.

停車;停下來 (ting2 che1; ting2 xia4 lai2)

例: Please pull up in front of the main gate.


3. join the ranks v. phr.

成為一個群體的一部分 (cheng2 wei2 qun2 ti3 de5 yi2 bu4 fen4)

例: This tiny island country has joined the ranks of the developed nations.


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