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Surgery has growing death risk through the week

A surgical technician prepares an operation room in the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi on Oct. 4.

Photo: Reuters

People who have surgery towards the end of the week are more likely to die than those who have procedures earlier on, researchers say.

A British Medical Journal report into non-emergency operations in England, suggests the overall risk of death from such planned procedures remains low. But it shows “unacceptable” variation in survival rates through the week, a leading body of UK surgeons says.

Researchers from Imperial College London gathered data from all non-emergency surgery undertaken by the National Health Service in England in 2008 to 2011. Looking at some 4 million operations they found more than 27,000 deaths within a month of surgery, putting the average risk of death at 0.67 percent.

The researchers say they are concerned about the significant variation over the week, with the risk lowest for surgery carried out on Monday and then increasing with each subsequent day to peak at the weekend.

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1. procedure n.

手術;程序 (shou3 shu4; cheng2 xu4)

例: The company has new procedures for dealing with complaints.


2. undertake v.

從事;著手做 (cong2 shi4; zhuo2 shou3 zuo4)

例: Students are required to undertake simple experiments.


3. peak v.

達到高峰 (da2 dao4 gao1 feng1)

例: Holiday flights peak during August.


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