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Mexico proposes tax on sugary beverages

A man drinks a soft drink at a store in Mexico City, Mexico on Sept. 9.

Photo: Reuters

The Mexican government proposed penalizing sugary beverages with a special tax in an effort to contain twin epidemics of obesity and Type 2 diabetes, attempting to join countries such as France and Hungary in taxing sweet drinks in the name of public health.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s tax overhaul targets all sugar-sweetened beverages, not just soda, in a country where seven of 10 adults are either overweight or obese. An estimated 15 percent of people over age 20 have adult-onset diabetes.

The sugar content of carbonated soda has received heaps of attention in Mexico recently. An initiative in the Senate called for a 20 percent tax on soda.

The bill proposed on Sept. 8 would apply a tax of one peso (US$0.08) for each liter of sugar-sweetened beverage. The government said the tax of one peso per liter would bring in a little more than US$900 million a year in revenue.

Mexico’s Congress is expected to approve the broader fiscal proposal, including the soft-drink tax by mid-November, without substantial changes.

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1. contain v.

遏制;克制 (e4 zhi4; ke4 zhi4)

例: Doctors are trying to contain the spread of the disease.


2. overhaul n.

大幅更新修改 (da4 fu2 geng1 xin1 xiu1 gai3)

例: The system requires an urgent overhaul.


3. heap n.

大量 (da4 liang4)

例: We still have heaps of time to finish our work.


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