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Kim Jong Un’s surprising photo op

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits a mushroom farm in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency on July 16.

Photo: Reuters

The leader of North Korea apparently has learned a lesson from Hollywood – image is everything.

The man known to the Western world as running a country that starves its population and menaces neighboring countries with nuclear weapons program is a rock star, a photo released by North Korea’s Central News Agency would have you believe.

More like US rapper Lil’ Kim than Kim Jong Un, the picture shows the leader mobbed by workers at a mushroom farm. From the looks of it, the leader is loved by his people.

Dressed in dark shirt and pants, the 29-year-old stands in the middle of a crowd of women wearing immaculate white jumpsuits, with some grabbing his arms and others who appear to be weeping.

Is it staged? Reuters, which distributed the photo, notes that it is unable to “independently verify the authenticity, content, location, or date of this image.”

(Liberty Times)



與其說像金正恩,不如說更像美國女饒舌歌手Lil’ Kim,這張照片顯示,這位領導人被一座蘑菇農場的工人包圍。看樣子,這位領導人深受他的人民愛戴。





1. apparently adv.


(xian3 ran2 de5)

例: Apparently the dog got out because you left the door open.


2. menace v.


(wei1 xie2; kong3 he4; wei2 ji2)

例: The robber menaced the bank teller with a gun during the robbery.


3. stage v.


(wei4 zhi4 zao4 xiao4 guo3 zhi1 ke4 yi4 an1 pai2)

例: They staged a car accident to get insurance money.


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