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Tokyo man to lose home again to make way for stadium

Octogenarian Tokyo resident Kohei Jinno shows a photograph of himself taken on in 1957 in front of his previous home, at his shop near the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo on Sept. 18.

Photo: Reuters

Kohei Jinno fans out the black and white photos of his family posing proudly in front of their central Tokyo home, a house they were forced to leave ahead of the 1964 Olympic Games to make way for construction of the main stadium.

Now Jinno, 80 this month, has to move again.

The public housing complex where he and his wife live, close to the stadium and the site of his former home — currently a parking lot — is slated to be destroyed as part of construction of a new stadium for the 2020 Summer Olympics, which Tokyo won the right to host again earlier this month.

Jinno, who turns 80 this month, has no idea where he will move to, or when. He said two hundred families in the same complex, most of them elderly, face the same dilemma.

“I wish they wouldn’t have the Olympics in Tokyo again,” he said. “I can bear getting evicted if it’s just the once in a lifetime. But twice? It’s ridiculous.”









1. make way for v. phr.

騰出空間 (teng2 chu1 kong1 jian1)

例: The beautiful old residence has been torn down to make way for an ugly new tower.


2. fan out v. phr.

散開;攤開 (san3 kai1; tan1 kai1)

例: He fanned the cards out so we could see which ones he had.


3. slate v.

預定做某事 (yu4 ding4 zuo4 mou3 shi4)

例: She is slated to go to Kyoto this fall.


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