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Kaohsiung uses precious ducks to promote tourism
來高雄消費 有機會摸走黃金鑽石鴨

People gather to see Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck at Greater Kaohsiung’s Glory Pier on Sept. 19.

Photo: Chang Chung-I, Liberty Times

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck made its Taiwan debut at Greater Kaohsiung’s Glory Pier on Sept. 19. Local tourism industry operators have created three fine gold ornaments in the shape of a rubber duck, one of which is a “gold and diamond duck” with two diamonds inset as the duck’s eyes. The three valuable ducks are worth more than NT$600,000 and they are being offered as prizes in a sweepstake that 100,000 visitors to Greater Kaohsiung are invited to take part in for a chance to win.

Greater Kaohsiung-based tourist operators have joined hands with 427 local restaurants, hotels and travel agencies to issue 100,000 sweepstake tickets that visitors can get by shopping at the participating stores. One can enter the raffle just by filling out personal information. A public raffle will be held at the end of October and the winners will be announced at the official Web sites of the Kaohsiung Tourism Association and the Kaohsiung Association of Travel Agents.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Lin Ya-ti)





1. debut n.

首次露面;初次登臺 (shou3 ci4 lou4 mian4; chu1 ci4 deng1 tai2)

例: The young dancer made her debut in the new production.


2. valuable adj.

值錢的;貴重的 (zhi2 qian2 de5; gui4 zhong4 de5)

例: Sotheby’s is one of the world’s largest brokers of valuable fine and decorative art.


3. fill out v. phr.

填寫 (tian2 xie3)

例: If you win a cash prize from the uniform-invoice lottery, you must fill out the form on the back of the receipt to redeem your cash.

(如果你中統一發票,你必須在發票後填寫資料才可兌獎。 )

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