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‘Hello, it’s the pope,’ Francis calls student
方濟致電學生說 「哈囉,我是教宗」

Pope Francis meets a boy in Saint Peter’s square at the Vatican on Sept. 4.

Photo: Reuters

A teenager who wrote to Pope Francis got a shock when the Catholic leader called him up for a chat — the latest example of the pontiff’s down-to-earth approach.

Francis called up a journalist friend on the day of his election and even phoned a newspaper stand in Buenos Aires to cancel his subscription.

Stefano Cabizza, a 19-year-old student from Padua in northeast Italy, had sent a letter to the pope, the local Il Gazzettino daily said on Aug. 22. But he said he never expected the phone to ring and a voice on the other end to say, “Hello, it’s the pope.” Cabizza said that the two “laughed and chatted for eight minutes” and that Francis had blessed him.

The pope, formerly the archbishop of Buenos Aires, makes many calls directly in a break with protocol under which calls are usually handled by aides or at least through the Vatican switchboard.

(Liberty Times)







1. get a shock v. phr.

大吃一驚 (da4 chi1 yi1 jing1)

例: It was such a loud crash. I got quite a shock.


2. approach n.

作風;方法 (zuo4 feng1; fang1 fa3)

例: I’ve just read an interesting book which has a new approach to Shakespeare.


3. break n.

結束某種關係 (jie2 shu4 mou2 zhong3 guan1 xi1)

例: Their decision not to name their daughter Jane was a break with family tradition.


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