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Philippines bans Dutchman in ‘crying cop’ case
荷男弄哭警察 菲國禁入境

Dutch national Thomas van Beersum, who was photographed standing up to and yelling at a weeping Filipino riot policeman during an anti-government protest in Manila on July 22, has his fingerprint taken at the immigration office of the international airport in Manila on Aug. 6.

Photo: AFP

A Dutch activist blamed for making a Philippine policeman cry was deported and permanently banned from the country, the immigration bureau said on Aug. 8.

The bureau said Thomas van Beersum was deported on Aug. 7 after the authorities had picked him out from a photograph that went viral showing him allegedly haranguing a uniformed police officer at an anti-government protest in Manila last month.

Van Beersum is an “undesirable alien” who violated the terms of his tourist visa by joining a protest, immigration bureau spokeswoman Antonette Mangrobang told AFP.

The activist was photographed yelling at a weeping Filipino riot policeman at an anti-government protest during President Benigno Aquino’s annual policy address to parliament on July 22.

Photographs of the incident, showing policeman Joselito Sevilla crying as he held back van Beersum and other activists, spread around the world on the Internet, and provoked heated debates on social media sites.

The policeman later said he was crying from exhaustion and hunger after a long stint securing the area for Aquino’s speech.










1. go viral idiom


(zai4 wang3 lu4 shang4 bao4 hong2)

例: The video went viral and was seen by millions.


2. harangue v.


(qi4 shi4 xiong1 hen3 de5 chang2 pian1 xun4 chi4 huo4 shuo1 jiao4)

例: He harangued the public on their ignorance.


3. undesirable adj.


(ling4 ren2 bu2 kuai4 de5; bu2 shou4 huan1 ying2 de5)

例: The drug has undesirable side effects.


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