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Watching a broken TV could help you lose weight

A man and a clerk look at plasma TV sets at an electronics shop in Tokyo on Oct. 20, 2011.

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Scientists have revealed that just by looking at the flickering screen could banish your hunger pangs, and so a broken TV or a TV that needs tuning could be helpful.

Food cravings seem to disappear instantly if someone spends just a few seconds at the black and white flickering screen. The volunteers who carried a hand held computer device displayed the flickering images and reported that their hunger pangs did subside by almost 23 percent immediately after they watched them.

During the course of the study, by psychologists at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, they also consumed nearly 40 percent fewer calories than participants who did not view the images.

The highly unusual dieting regimen deploys a technique known as dynamic visual noise, where thousands of tiny black and white dots bounce around the screen.

Scientists have been using dynamic visual noise in the laboratory for years, mainly to analyze how it affects short-term working memory.

But now research is beginning to show it can help people diet by blocking the vivid images that form in the brain when we experience sudden food cravings for treats like chocolate, ice cream or chips.

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1. banish v.

驅逐;消除 (qu1 zhu2; xiao1 chu2)

例: He tried to banish gloom from his thoughts.


2. pang n.

劇痛;苦痛 (ju4 tong4; ku3 tong4)

例: I have experienced the pangs of hunger before.


3. regimen n.

攝生;食物療法;養生法 (she4 sheng1; shi2 wu4 liao2 fa3; yang3 sheng1 fa3)

例: If you’re trying to lose weight you should follow a low-calorie, low-fat regimen.


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