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Dinosaurs, basic astronomy stump Australians

A worker directs the removal of a replica Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur from a lorry at a zoo in England on March 1.

Photo: Reuters

One in four Australians believe humans co-existed with dinosaurs, while one in three think it takes just one day for the earth to orbit the sun, according to a “worrying” survey published last week.

The Auspoll survey of 1,515 adults for the Australian Academy of Sciences showed that basic scientific knowledge was declining on key questions, including human influences on evolution and the earth’s reserves of fresh water.

Only 59 percent of those surveyed knew that it took the earth one year to orbit the sun, a fall of two percentage points from the same survey three years ago — with 30 percent saying it took just one day.

Some 27 percent said the earliest humans lived at the same time as the dinosaurs, down from 30 percent in the previous survey, while 70 percent said they knew evolution was currently occurring.

Ten percent said evolution was not occurring, nine percent said they did not believe in evolution and another 12 percent said they were not sure — a similar result to 2010.

“It’s a worrying wake-up call to see scientific literacy declining among young adults, and to a lesser degree among the broader Australian adult population,” said Les Field, secretary for science policy at the academy.










1. stump v.

難倒 (nan2 dao3)

例: John was stumped by the unexpected question


2. orbit v.

環繞 (huan2 rao4)

例: Mercury orbits the sun.


3. wake-up call n. phr.

警鐘 (jing3 zhong1)

例: Today’s statistics will be a wake-up call for the administration.


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