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Texan senator’s pink shoes spark sales boom and abortion debate on Amazon

Texas Senator Wendy Davis, center, speaks at a women’s rights rally before a Special Session of the Texas Legislature in Austin, Texas, on July 1.

Photo: EPA

A pair of hot pink sneakers worn by Texan senator Wendy Davis during her near 11-hour speech to talk down abortion legislation have become the bestselling shoe on and an unlikely feminist symbol.

Davis wore a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16 trainers during her marathon filibuster to stymie Republican abortion legislation.

Known as a keen runner, Davis took her preparations seriously before taking to the floor of the Texas senate to make a speech lasting nearly 11 hours during which rules prevented her from taking a break or leaning on furniture for support.

During her epic address, Davis was equipped with the trainers, a back brace and according to recent reports, a catheter, to help her persevere with her filibuster until the legislative session was eventually timed out and the bill, which would effectively close dozens of Texas abortion clinics, was significantly delayed.

Since the speech, the web page for the “rouge red” trainers has been inundated with politically charged reviews. Many reviewers have commented how perfect the trainers are for “kicking [Texas governor] Rick Perry’s ass,” or how the trainers were “guaranteed to outrun patriarchy.”

It is not the first time that mainstream commercial brands have entered the fray of America’s culture wars. Last summer, the fast food outlet Chick-fil-A was inundated with tens of thousands of orders after its CEO made comments hostile to gay marriage.

(Liberty Times)


戴維斯在發表阻撓議事的馬拉松演說,以妨礙共和黨所提出的墮胎法案時,腳上穿著的是一雙美津濃牌的Wave Rider 16球鞋。




1. talk down v. phr.

講話駁倒對手 (jiang3 hua4 bo2 dao3 dui4 shou3)

例: She was able to talk her opponent down.


2. filibuster n.

議事杯葛 (yi4 shi4 bei1 ge3)

例: They engaged in a filibuster that lasted for over a week.


3. enter the fray idiom

涉入爭議或打鬥 (she4 ru4 zheng1 yi4 huo4 da3 dou4)

例: Members of the royal family rarely enter the political fray.





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