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Artifacts offer Pacific shark species absence clues

A mako shark is discovered in waters off Ulsan, South Korea on Aug. 2.

Photo: EPA

Nineteenth century tools made from sharks’ teeth suggest that two species of shark used to populate the Central Pacific but are no longer present.

Using artifacts from museums, a team of US researchers found that spot-tail and dusky sharks used to inhabit the reefs surrounding the Gilbert Islands.

The unusual historical data would help evaluate the success of ecological conservation measures, they added.

In their paper, the team from the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, and Columbia University, New York, said indigenous artifacts often represented an “under-utilized source of data.”

(Liberty Times)







1. populate v.

居住於 (ju1 zhu4 yu2)

例: The settlers began to move inland and populate the river valleys.


2. present adj.

現在的;在場的 (xian4 zai4 de5; zai4 chang3 de5)

例: I don’t have her present address.


3. indigenous adj.

原住民的;原生的 (yuan2 zhu4 min2 de5; yuan2 sheng1 de5)

例: Are there any species of frog indigenous to the area?


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