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NTU graduate realizes dream of selling cocoa
環島賣可可 黃書韋恆春擺攤

National Taiwan University Department of Chemical Agriculture graduate Huang Shu-wei, left, prepares cocoa for kids in Pingtung County on July 28.

Photo: Tsai Tsung-hsien, Liberty Times

A graduate of National Taiwan University’s Department of Chemical Agriculture, Huang Shu-wei decided last year after completing his compulsory military service that he would make his dream of popularizing cocoa come true. After using scrap wood to make a mobile food vendor’s stall, he began embarking on his year-long journey around Taiwan proper to sell cocoa. He set up his stall in Hengchun after arriving there last week, winning over the local kids with his dashing good looks and cordial selling style.

Hailing from New Taipei City’s Shenkeng District, Huang has been enamored of chocolate since he was a young child and wanted wholeheartedly to create a cocoa-themed restaurant. After completing his military service, he decided to start his tour of the island selling cocoa, traveling to mountainous regions to allow kids living in remote areas to experience cocoa. Huang chose to take an s-shaped route around the island, ending his trip in Kending.

Whenever he suddenly feels inspired, Huang will jump into an ecstatic dance in front of his customers, bringing them to the point of laughter. In just two days, he was able to attract a consort of loyal customers. Huang says that after walking for 293 days, he now only has Greater Tainan and Greater Kaohsiung left before having traversed every county and city on the island. Aside from promoting cocoa, Huang is also trying to encourage young people to have the courage to chase their dreams.

With his stall set up at the doorway of the Hengchun Family Service Center, the center’s director Yu Tsung-yung says that he admires Huang for making his dream come true and will be holding a forum for Huang to share the story of chasing down his dream with adolescents living in rural areas to arouse their enthusiasm.


1. hail from v. phr.

來自 (lai2 zi4)

例: We all hail from different countries.


2. route n.

路線;路程 (lu4 xian4; lu4 cheng2)

例: There must be a shorter route.


3. admire v.

欽佩;欣賞 (qin1 pei4; xin1 shang3)

例: I admire your tenacity in carrying on with your work in spite of the adversities you have faced.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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