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Kremlin turns back to typewriters to avoid leaks
避免洩密 克里姆林宮回歸打字機

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, enters a hall in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia on July 25.

Photo: EPA

A Russian state service in charge of safeguarding Kremlin communications is looking to purchase an array of old-fashioned typewriters to prevent leaks from computer hardware, sources said on July 11.

The throwback to the paper-strewn days of Soviet bureaucracy has reportedly been prompted by the publication of secret documents by anti-secrecy Web site WikiLeaks and the revelations leaked by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

The Federal Guard Service, which is also in charge of protecting President Vladimir Putin, is looking to spend just over 486,000 rubles (US$14,756) to buy a number of electric typewriters, according to the site of state procurement agency,

Pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia said the state service was looking to purchase 20 typerwriters because using computers to prepare top-secret documents may no longer be safe.

Unlike printers, every typewriter has its own indvidual pattern of type so it is possible to link every document to a machine used to type it, Izvestia said.

Documents leaked by Snowden appeared to show that Britain spied on foreign delegates including then president Dmitry Medvedev at the 2009 London G20 meetings, said British newspaper The Guardian last month.

Russia was outraged by the revelations but said it had the means to protect itself.









1. look to v. phr.

希望;期待做… (xi1 wang4; qi2 dai4 zuo4)

例: Universities are looking to expand their intakes.


2. throwback n.

回歸;復古 (hui2 gui1; fu4 gu3)

例: Much of her creation is a throwback to the sixties.


3. means n.

手段;方法 (shou3 duan4; fang1 fa3)

例: He tries to resolve disputes by peaceful means.




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