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Academy of Taiwan Strings to represent Taiwan at German music festival
德國里爾潮汐音樂節 台灣絃樂團唯一受邀

Members of the Academy of Taiwan Strings pose together.

Photo courtesy of the Academy of Taiwan Strings

Various sorts of music festivals are held across Europe every summer in cities small and large. Germany’s Gezeitenkonzert music festival, which is held in a town just outside of Hamburg and ran for the first time last year, has been widely acclaimed and consists of more than 30 concert performances of renowned international musicians playing together. For this year’s festival, the Academy of Taiwan Strings has been invited to perform, making it the only Taiwanese group performing Western classical music that was invited to play at the festival.

The Academy of Taiwan Strings was formed in 1990 under the leadership of Cheng Sy-joun, who is also a well-known violinist. Cheng says that as Europe is in the middle of an economic recession and pervaded by protectionist policies, Mathias Kirschnereit, Gezeitenkonzert’s music director and a renowned pianist in Germany, has affirmed the significance of the Academy of Taiwan Strings by inviting the group to play at the festival. The Munich Philharmonic’s former principal violinist Ingolf Turban, who has previously performed in Taiwan, will also be showing his support for the group by performing several brilliant pieces from the violin repertoire with them.

Cheng says that for the concert the group will be performing Dancing Strings by Taiwanese composer Lee Che-yi, winner of the Golden Melody Award’s “Best Classical Music Composer” category, as well as well-known chamber pieces like Dvorak’s Nocturne for String Orchestra. It is anticipated that the group will be able to successfully represent Taiwan in this ancient city.

Aside from performing at a large cathedral for Gezeitenkonzert on Aug. 4, the Academy of Taiwan Strings will also be holding a concert in Hamburg on Aug. 10 especially for Taiwanese living in Germany.


1. renowned adj.

出名的;有聲譽的 (chu1 ming2 de5; you3 sheng1 yu4 de5)

例: The renowned surrealist painter Salvador Dali is most well known for his melting clocks.


2. brilliant adj.

精采的 (jing1 cai3 de5)

例: That was a brilliant play, performed impeccably.


3. composer n.

作曲家 (zuo4 qu3 jia1)

例: The Rite of Spring is a well-known ballet and orchestral concert by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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