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US officials worry Snowden may have passed NSA secrets to Chinese
美官員憂 史諾頓或許已將國安局機密交給中國

Edward Snowden is pictured in this still frame grab recorded on June 6 and released to AFP on June 10.

Photo: AFP

The Pentagon is concerned that Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked the US government’s secret surveillance programs, will compromise top-secret electronic intelligence programs targeted against China, according to a defense official.

It is unclear whether officials in Hong Kong or in Russia obtained any of the classified material. But the official said it is possible Snowden may have made contact with MSS officials in Hong Kong and bartered with Chinese authorities using his access to top-secret intelligence data to avoid being sent back to the US.

The MSS, China’s top intelligence agency, is believed to have hundreds or even thousands of operatives working in Hong Kong.

A spokesman for the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, which has been assisting Snowden, strenuously denied reports that foreign governments had made copies of the documents.

A Chinese official, meanwhile, was quoted by a Hong Kong newspaper as saying the US government did not request Chinese assistance in locating and repatriating Snowden.

(Liberty Times)








1. compromise v.

妥協;危害 (tuo3 xie2; wei2 hai4)

例: Our account may have been compromised.


2. barter v.

以…作為交換 (yi3 … zuo4 wei2 jiao1 huan4)

例: Before the invention of money, people used a barter system.


3. locate v.

找出位置 (zhao3 chu1 wei4 zhi4)

例: Can you locate your country on a world map?


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