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Clenching fists can improve memory

Britain’s Andy Murray pumps his fist during his match against Nicolas Mahut of France at the Queen’s Club Championships in west London on June 13.

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Memory can be improved simply by clenching the fists, a study suggests.

Clenching the right hand for 90 seconds helps in memory formation, while the same movement in the left improves memory recall, say US psychologists.

In an experiment, 50 adults performed better at remembering words from a long list when they carried out these movements.

The researchers think clenching a fist activates specific brain regions that are associated with memory processing. Lead scientist Ruth Propper, of Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey, said the research suggests simple body movements can improve memory by temporarily changing the way the brain functions.

Clenching your right hand immediately prior to learning information and clenching your left hand immediately before recalling it would be helpful to improve memory, Propper told BBC News.

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1. clench v.

握緊;緊咬 (wo4 jin3; jin2 yao3)

例: With a knife clenched between his teeth, he climbed up the tree to cut some coconuts.


2. improve v.

改善;提升 (gai3 shan4; ti2 sheng1)

例: I thought the best way to improve my French was to live in France.


3. recall v.

回想 (hui2 xiang3)

例: Can you recall what happened last night?


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