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Man shoots tree, tree fires back

People hug trees in Essen, Germany on May 14.

Photo: AFP

Using a tree for target practice sounds harmless enough, right? That was not the case, however, for an Iowa man who is recovering at a hospital after the tree he aimed his gun at fired back.

The Iowa man is expected to survive but will have one heck of a story to tell after he fired his pistol at a tree only to have the shot ricochet and impact upon himself.

27-year-old Logan Bunn transported himself to a nearby hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened at about 4:30am on March 31.

In the ongoing war between man and nature, many more trees have fallen at the feet of their human counterparts, but there have been notable exceptions. In March, an Illinois man was killed when a tree he was attempting to cut down fell upon him.

On Christmas Day last year, a Houston man was killed when he was attempting to clear a fallen tree from the street outside his home. During the removal effort, a second tree fell on him, causing the fatality.

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1. fire back v. phr. 開槍回擊 (kai1 qiang1 hui2 ji2)

例: The soldiers in the fort did not fire back at the enemy.


2. counterpart n. 對應人或物 (dui4 ying4 ren2 huo4 wu4)

例: The Chinese president held a telephone conversation with his US counterpart on the expansion of cooperation and mutual respect between the two countries.


3. fatality n. 死亡 (si3 wang2)

例: There were five fatalities in the crash.


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