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Eating more fish to protect the nation’s fishermen
吃鮪魚助漁民 餐飲業者盼強硬護漁

Daba Hotel and Restaurant Group president Lin Hui-yi, left, speaks while a man fillets a bluefin tuna weighing nearly 300kg in Greater Kaohsiung on May 19.

Photo: Hung Ting-hung, Liberty Times

To express their dissatisfaction with the Philippines, local businesses operating along Yucheng Road in Greater Kaohsiung held a rarely seen “Bluefin Tuna Filleting Show” on May 19. Daba Hotel and Restaurant Group president Lin Hui-yi, who presided over the event, called upon everyone to support Taiwan’s fishermen and said that he hopes that the government will be more vigilant in protecting the nation’s fishermen. “As soon as they find out that the Philippine Coast Guard is harassing a Taiwanese fishing vessel, the Navy and Coast Guard Administration should have had no qualms about fighting back.”

One female customer, surnamed Chen, was lucky enough to get to try some of the freshly filleted bluefin tuna, which melted in her mouth. To express her gratitude she said, “Thank you fishermen for all of your hard work.”

The filleting show was held at the intersection of Boai and Yucheng roads, attracting several hundred spectators, who all had their cameras out to snap shots of the bluefin tuna as it was being filleted. The tuna is worth about NT$500,000 and weighed close to 300kg. Serving as the host of the event, Lin wielded the microphone, saying that since Philippine Coast Guard personnel seized a Taiwanese fishing vessel and killed a Taiwanese fisherman, many fishermen are too scared to go out fishing now, which has caused a spike in the price of bluefin tuna due to the sudden decrease in supply.

Lin says that the hotel started offering its bluefin tuna buffet 11 years ago, when one kilo of bluefin tuna only cost NT$800. The price suddenly soared to NT$1,800 this year after it had already gone up to NT$1,300 per kilo last year. Although the cost has more than doubled, Lin says that he does not care about the money and wants to continue supporting fishermen and keep his promise to consumers.


1. harass v.

騷擾 (sao1 rao3)

例: The police can stop these criminals from harassing you.


2. qualm n.

疑慮;擔心;內疚 (yi2 lu4; dan1 xin1; nei4 jiu4)

例: Ben has no qualms about questioning decisions made by his superiors.


3. spectator n.

觀眾 (guan1 zhong4)

例: The championship drew thousands of spectators.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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