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A : I’ve got to start looking for a job now that I’ve finally graduated, but my major is not very popular, so it won’t be easy finding a job.

B : Don’t worry. About 70 or 80 percent of the jobs out there don’t even look at your major.

A : Really? I’d better get ready to give it a go then.

B : There’s usually always a gap between your major and the profession you choose.

A : 畢業要找工作了,但我念了「冷門科系」,求職真頭痛。

B : 別擔心,職場有七、八成工作都是「不限科系」的。

A : 真的嗎?那我要鼓起勇氣嘗試看看。

B : 學用本來就有落差。

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