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Free metro rides for early birds in Singapore

Commuters pack into a Mass Rapid Transit train in Singapore on Feb. 13.

Photo: AFP

Singapore on April 16 unveiled plans to offer free train rides during morning peak hours to ease severe congestion on its metro rail network.

The Land Transport Authority said it would launch a one-year trial on June 24 to provide free travel to commuters who arrive at 16 designated metro stations in the city center before 7:45am on weekdays.

Commuters who arrive at the stations between 7:45am and 8am will be given a discount of up to Sg$0.50 (US$0.40) from their train fare. Full-price metro fares in Singapore are distance-based and range from Sg$0.83 to Sg$1.95.

Congestion on the metro has fed resentment, with some citizens accusing the government of not doing enough to control numbers of foreign workers who they accuse of competing with them for jobs, housing and space on public transport.(AFP)






1. ride n.

搭乘 (da1 cheng2)

例: It’s a short bus ride to the airport.


2. congestion n.

壅塞 (yong1 se4)

例: This spray helps to ease nasal congestion.


3. resentment n.

憎恨 (zeng1 hen4)

例: He harbors deep resentment against his parents for his miserable childhood.


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