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Dunkin’ Donuts employee fights off crook with hot coffee

Bottom: An employee places cups of freshly-brewed coffee on a counter at a coffee shop in London on Aug. 17 last year.

Photo: Bloomberg

A West Haven, Connecticut, Dunkin’ Donuts employee did not take too kindly to an attempted robbery. Rather than fork over the contents of her register, the young woman struck back, throwing hot coffee in the would-be crook’s face and forcing him to bid a hasty retreat.

The worker, identified only as Angelica, threw a cup and then a pot of coffee at the man after he tried to force his way through the drive-through window of the West Haven branch of the fast-food chain.

The man drove up to the window at 11pm on March 2, took out a US$100 bill and asked for change, but the worker refused, according to the police.

When Angelica tried to close the window, the man stopped her with his arm, announced it was a robbery and tried to climb into the store.

Angelica, seeking a way to defend herself, saw the hot beverage she had made him. “I looked at [it] quick, threw him the first one,” and then “Looked at the pots of coffee and threw the pot of coffee at him,” she said.

The would-be robber soon retreated and took off, empty-handed.

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1. take kindly to v. phr.

客氣對待;虛心接受 (ke4 qi4 dui4 dai4; xu1 xin1 jie1 shou4)

例: Brent does not take kindly to criticism, so tread lightly.


2. fork over v. phr.

交出 (jiao1 chu1)

例: Come on. Fork over the money you owe me.


3. crook n.

罪犯;騙子;盜賊 (zui4 fan4; pian4 zi5; dao4 zei2)

例: Those crooks swindled my father out of his life savings.


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