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Poor sleep linked to heart failure: Norwegian study

Representatives of the Japanese company ZZZoo Pillows hold huggable pillows designed to resolve sleep deprivation, during an event in Laval, western France on March 20.
日本寢具公司ZZZoo Pillows代表三月二十日於法國西部拉瓦勒舉行的活動上,拿著用於解決失眠問題的抱枕。

Photo: AFP

People who have trouble drifting off to sleep may be at increased risk of heart failure, researchers say. The study followed more than 50,000 people for 11 years. Scientists found those who suffered several nights of poor sleep were more likely to develop the condition, in which the heart fails to pump properly.

Scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology looked at more than 50,000 people aged between 20 and 89. At the beginning of the study, none of them were known to have heart failure.

In this condition the muscles of the heart are often too out of shape to do their job properly — they may be too weak or too stiff to pump blood around the body at the right pressure. People with the disorder may feel increasingly breathless and exhausted.

And as heart failure worsens, it can be difficult to get a full night’s rest - but the Norwegian study is one of few to investigate whether poor sleepers without the condition are at risk of getting it in later life.

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1. drift off v. phr.

漸漸入睡 (jian4 jian4 ru4 shui4)

例: I couldn’t help drifting off in the middle of that lecture — it was so boring!


2. failure n.

衰竭 (shuai1 jie2)

例: He died of heart failure.


3. disorder n.

疾病 (ji2 bing4)

例: The family have a history of mental disorder.


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