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A : A lot of companies like to send pamphlets to promote their new


B : With the Internet so commonplace now, sending promotional

information in e-mails is really popular.

A : But a lot people don’t like to get a bunch of unsolicited ads in their e-mail.

B : That’s junk mail and according to the law, you can report it to the


A : 許多公司都喜歡寄DM來推銷他們的新產品。

B : 網路普及後,透過電郵發送EDM的行銷策略也變得很熱門。

A : 但很多人不喜歡大量寄送且不請自來的廣告電郵。

B : 那是「垃圾電郵」,依法是可以檢舉的。

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