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Hot chocolate tastes better in orange cup

A Starbucks coffee worker, left, hands out hot chocolate to people in London’s Oxford Street in the UK on Dec. 5 last year.

Photo: EPA

European scientists say they have found further evidence that how you serve food and drink matters hugely in the perception of taste.

Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford recruited 57 volunteers and asked them to taste hot chocolate served in plastic cups with four different colors — white, cream, red and orange with white on the inside.

The chocolate was the same in all the samples, but the volunteers found that the flavor was better when the drink was served in the orange or cream-colored cups.

“The color of the container where food and drink are served can enhance some attributes like taste and aroma,” Betina Piqueras-Fiszman of the Polytechnic University of Valencia said in a press release.

(Liberty Times)







1. serve v.

供應 (gong1 ying4)

例: Breakfast is served in the restaurant between 7am and 9am.


2. perception n.

看法;觀感 (kan4 fa3; guan1 gan3)

例: We have to change the public’s perception that money is being wasted.


3. attribute n.

特性;特質 (te4 xing4; te4 zhi2)

例: Good organizational skills are an essential attribute for a good manager.


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