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Loyal dog foils French owner’s suicide bid

A dog handler trains with a German Shepherd dog at a police base in Krasnoyarsk, Russia on March 6.

Photo: Reuters

A French woman’s loyal German Shepherd dog saved her from committing suicide by knocking aside a rifle she tried to fire into her heart, local police said.

The 63-year-old woman had walked into her garden in the southern town of Sorgues in the Vaucluse region, fired several test shots of a 22-calibre rifle and then turned the gun on her chest.

“At the moment she pulled the trigger, her dog jumped on her and diverted the shot,” a local police officer told AFP, adding that the dog “probably sensed things and knocked into her to save her.”

The woman was found by her husband, conscious but suffering from a chest wound. She was taken to hospital but her injury is not considered life-threatening.








1. foil v.

阻撓;遏阻 (zu3 nao2; e4 zu3)

例: The FBI foiled an attempted car bomb attack.


2. divert v.

轉移;改道 (zhuan3 yi2; gai3 dao4)

例: Traffic was diverted around the scene of the accident.


3. sense v.

察覺 (cha2 jue2)

例: We could sense the tension in the conference room.


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