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Marriage is good for the heart: study

Couples get married inside a public pool during a mass wedding on Valentine’s Day in Lima on Feb. 14.

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Married people are less prone to heart attacks than singletons and more likely to recover if stricken, according to a Finnish study.

Researchers collected data on 15,330 people in Finland between the ages of 35 and 99 who suffered “acute coronary events” between 1993 and 2002. Just over half of the patients died within 28 days of the attacks.

The team found that unmarried men in all age groups were 58-66 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack than married ones. For women the nuptial benefit was even greater — single women were 60 to 65 percent more likely to suffer acute coronary events.

For both genders, wedlock also considerably lowered heart attack mortality. Unmarried men were 60-168 percent and unmarried women 71-175 percent more likely to die of a heart attack within 28 days, compared to their unhitched counterparts.








1. prone to adj. phr.

有...傾向的 (you3 … qing1 xiang4 de5)

例: I’ve always been prone to headaches.


2. nuptial adj.

婚姻的 (hun1 yin1 de5)

例: The couple exchanged nuptial vows during their wedding.


3. gender n.

性別 (xing4 bie2)

例: Gender equality is yet to be achieved in many nations.


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