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Texas company: Microwave keeps bread mold at bay

Two men hold a microwave oven at an appliance shop as a woman looks on in Princeton, Illinois on May 23 last year.

Photo: Bloomberg

A Texas company could have the answer to some consumers’ unwelcome discovery that just-purchased loaves contain mold.

MicroZap Inc claims its technology allows bread to stay mold-free for 60 days. The bread is bombarded with microwaves for about 10 seconds, which kills the mold spores, said chief executive officer Don Stull.

The process could eliminate bakers’ need for preservatives, and for ingredients used to mask preservatives’ flavor, as well as reduce food waste and increase bread’s shelf life, he said.

Researchers at Texas Tech University also foresee using the technology in bread made in developing countries, where there are fewer food safety standards and spoilage is a problem.

After 60 days, researchers found that the treated bread that remained packaged had the same mold content when compared to a freshly baked loaf, Stull said. In the end, though, he knows it comes down to consumers’ palates.

“The consumers saw no discernible quality difference in the breads,” Stull said of testers who found the treated bread’s taste and texture unchanged.










1. freshly adv.

新鮮地 (xin1 xian1 de5)

例: The dishes were freshly made.


2. come down to v. phr.

最重要的還是 (zui4 zhong4 yao4 de5 hai2 shi4)

例: The problem comes down to money.


3. discernible adj.

可識別的;明顯的 (ke3 shi4 bie2 de5; ming2 xian3 de5)

例: The scandal had no discernible effect on his career.


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