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Moderate drinking in pregnancy harms IQ
懷孕喝酒 量少也傷胎兒智商

A pregnant woman talks on a mobile phone outside a water birth room at a hospital in Beijing on Nov. 28 last year.

Photo: AFP

Drinking one or two glasses of wine a week during pregnancy can have an impact on a child’s IQ, a study says.

Researchers from Oxford and Bristol universities looked at the IQ scores of 4,000 children as well as recording the alcohol intake of their mothers. They found “moderate” alcohol intake of one to six units a week during pregnancy affected IQ.

Experts said the effect was small, but reinforced the need to avoid alcohol in pregnancy.

Previous studies have produced inconsistent and confusing evidence on whether low to moderate levels of alcohol are harmful in pregnancy, largely because it is difficult to separate out other factors that may have an effect such as the mother’s age and education.

(Liberty Times)







1. reinforce v.

強化 (qiang2 hua4)

例: His behavior merely reinforced my dislike of him.


2. inconsistent adj.

不一致的 (bu4 yi2 zhi4 de5)

例: These findings are inconsistent with those of previous studies.


3. factor n.

因子;因素 (yin1 zi3; yin1 su4)

例: The economy is regarded as the decisive factor determining the outcome of the general election.


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