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Japanese scholar: Tax the handsome

Takashi Miike, Japaness actress Erina Mizuno and Japanese actor Hideaki Ito, left to right, pose on the red carpet for the movie Lesson of the Evil during the 7th International Rome Film Festival in Rome, Italy on Nov. 9 last year.

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As part of the end of year windup, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper has created a Facebook page where readers can discuss solutions to various issues facing Japan. The current topic of debate is the declining birthrate.

Takuro Morinaga, an economic analyst, weighed in with this controversial proposal, “If we levied a ‘handsome tax’ on good-looking guys, that would serve to correct a little bit of the unfairness in dating, making it easier for homely guys to find a partner and the number of marriages would increase.”

Morinaga goes on to say, “There’s a lot of discussion about income disparity, but no one is talking about attractiveness disparity. Good-looking guys get an insane amount of women. At one time, some of them are dating over a 100 women. The result is that women are converging around one type of guy.”

He goes on to point out the prevalence of the “lady-killer” in popular culture as evidence that good-looking guys do better with the fairer sex.

Morinaga suggests doubling the income tax on good-looking guys while reducing the tax rate for homely guys by 10 to 20 percent. Currently, the highest rate of income tax in Japan is 40 percent, so this would mean high-earning, good-looking fellows are in for an 80 percent income tax rate.

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1. solution n.

解決方法 (jie3 jue2 fang1 fa3)

例: Choking down the insult is not a solution at all when it comes to safeguarding your dignity.


2. weigh in v. phr.

提供看法 (ti2 gong1 kan4 fa3)

例: One angry participant weighed in to remind us that a lot of what we had read was not true.


3. homely adj.

相貌平庸的 (xiang4 mao4 ping2 yong1 de5)

例: A homely child may develop into an attractive girl.


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