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Smoking may worsen a hangover

Glasses of beer are lined up at a pub in Fremantle south of Perth, Australia in this undated picture.

Photo: Reuters

Smoking may worsen a hangover after drinking heavily, a US study reports, although the reason why is unclear.

Researchers asked 113 US students to keep a diary for eight weeks, recording their drinking and smoking habits and any hangover symptoms.

When they drank heavily — around six cans of beer an hour — those who also smoked suffered a worse hangover. Addiction charities hope this study may motivate smokers to cut down over the festive season.

One of the paper’s authors, Damaris Rohsenow, from the Centre for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University said, “At the same number of drinks, people who smoke more that day are more likely to have a hangover and have more intense hangovers.”

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1. motivate v.

促使;驅使 (cu4 shi3; qu1 shi3)

例: Like so many people, he’s motivated by greed.


2. cut down v. phr.

減少 (jian2 shao3)

例: I’m trying to cut down on caffeine.


3. festive adj.

節慶的 (jie2 qing4 de5)

例: The hall looked very festive with its Christmas tree.


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