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Middle Earth beckons in Air New Zealand safety video

An Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER featuring livery advertising the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey lands at Heathrow Airport in London on Nov. 25.

Photo: Reuters

Fight a hobbit for an aisle seat? Get life jacket instructions from a beautiful female elf? Only on a plane to Middle Earth — or in an Air New Zealand safety video.

The company’s latest in a series of variations on the usual dull pre-flight safety instructions has lifted a page from J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic The Hobbit in the run-up to the world premiere of the film at the end of last month, a bid to attract visitors to the nation where much of the film was shot.

An Unexpected Briefing, a play on the movie’s title of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, features crew members explaining flight safety to passengers embarking on a pilgrimage to Middle Earth, Tolkien’s land of treasure, dragons and magic rings.

Director Sir Peter Jackson, who received Academy Awards for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, makes a cameo appearance in the four-minute video, playing a passenger among the Orcs, pointy-eared elves and furry-footed hobbits that otherwise pack the seats.

Die-hard Tolkien fans have flocked to the town of Matamata in the country’s North Island, which earlier this year began tours to the set of Hobbiton, the town from which the story’s hero, Bilbo Baggins, starts his journey.

Wellington, where Jackson and his Weta Workshop and studios are based, were also cranking up the publicity machine before it rolled out the red carpet at the end of last month.

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1. lift v.

取自;抄襲 (qu3 zi4; chao1 xi2)

例: He had lifted whole passages from a journal.


2. pack v.

擠滿;塞滿 (ji2 man3; sai1 man3)

例: Fans packed the stadium to watch the final match.


3. crank up v. phr.

開始進行某事 (kai1 shi3 jin4 xing2 mo3 shi4)

例: They cranked up a massive publicity campaign.





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