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TV remotes among dirtiest items in hotels
飯店最髒物之一 電視遙控器

A hotel room is pictured in these photos taken in Macau on July 8.

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

The next time you stay in a hotel, you might want to bring some extra hand sanitizer.

A study on contamination levels in hotel rooms led by the University of Houston, presented on June 17 at the American Society for Microbiology, reported that two of the most contaminated items were TV remote controls and bedside lamp switches.

Just as badly contaminated were surfaces more likely to be dirty, such as bathroom toilet seats and sinks, the study said.

Of greater concern, the study said, was that some of the highest levels of contamination were found on items on housekeepers’ carts, such as sponges and mops. If these items are contaminated, they can lead to cross-contamination of rooms, making entire hotels dirtier.

The researchers sampled 18 surfaces in each hotel room, testing the total levels of bacteria and fecal bacteria on each one. Fecal bacteria was found on 81 percent of all surfaces.

There are no regulatory limits for contamination of items in hotel rooms, the study said, but its findings suggest possible health risks to people with compromised immune systems.










1. contamination n.

污染 (wu1 ran3)

例: The contamination of drinking water by pathogens can cause diarrhoeal disease.


2. fecal adj.

排泄物的 (pai2 xie4 wu4 de5)

例: Hepatitis A can be transmitted via the fecal-oral route.


3. compromised adj.

缺乏抵抗力的 (que1 fa2 di3 kang4 li4 de5)

例: Some people with compromised immune systems can excrete copious amounts of viruses.


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