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Sunshine vitamin may help treat tuberculosis

The sun’s rays pass through the camphor tree forest and the outdoor seating area of San Tend Coffee Restaurant in Tongsiao Township, Miaoli County on May 20 last year.

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

Vitamin D could help the body fight infections of deadly tuberculosis (TB), according to doctors in London. A study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed patients recovered more quickly when given both the vitamin and antibiotics.

The idea of using vitamin D to treat TB harks back to some of the earliest treatments for the lung infection. Before antibiotics were discovered, TB patients were prescribed “forced sunbathing,” known as heliotherapy, which increased vitamin D production.

However, the treatment disappeared when antibiotics proved successful at treating the disease.

This study on 95 patients, conducted at hospitals across London, combined antibiotics with vitamin D pills. It showed that recovery was almost two weeks faster when vitamin D was added. Patients who stuck to the regimen cleared the infection in 23 days on average, while it took patients 36 days if they were given antibiotics and a placebo.

(Liberty Times)







1. hark back to sth v. phr.

與過去某事類似 (yu3 guo4 qu4 mo3 shi4 lei4 si4)

例: The director’s latest film harks back to the early years of cinema.


2. stick to v. phr.

堅守 (jian1 shou3)

例: If you make a promise, you should stick to it.


3. regimen n.

養生法;飲食 (yang3 sheng1 fa3; yin3 shi2)

例: After his heart attack the doctor put him on a strict regimen.


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