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Man ‘swallows a diamond’ at Sri Lanka gem exhibition
斯里蘭卡寶石展 男子吞下鑽石

A Sri Lankan security official, left, and uniformed police escort a Chinese national, center, who was accused of stealing a diamond by swallowing it while pretending to appraise the stone at Sri Lanka’s main gem and jewelry exhibition in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Sept. 5.

Photo: AFP

Sri Lankan police arrested a Chinese tourist suspected of swallowing a diamond worth 1.8 million rupees (US$13,600) on Sept. 5 at the island nation’s biggest international gem and jewellery exhibition.

Chow Cheng, 32, is believed to have swallowed the diamond as he inspected it at the exhibition, attended by buyers from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Europe, police said.

“His intention was to steal it,” Police spokesman Ajith Rohana told Reuters. “The x-ray shows the diamond is in his throat.”

Suresh Christopher Wijekoon, owner of the exhibition stall, said Chow had tried to switch the original diamond with a synthetic one.

“He realized that I noticed it. Then he immediately swallowed it,” Wijekoon told Reuters.

The Indian Ocean island is famed for its blue sapphires, diamonds and a jewelry industry that accounted for US$532 million of its export revenue in 2011.










1. swallow v.

吞 (tun1)

例: Dogs usually swallow their food without chewing.


2. inspect v.

檢視 (jian3 shi4)

例: The general inspected the troops.


3. be famed for phr.

以…知名 (yi3 ... zhi1 ming2)

例: The island nation is famed for its hospitality.


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