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Childhood music classes help adult hearing

Members of World Vision Korea Children’s Choir and Crystal Children’s Choir Taiwan along with conductors Heechurl Kim, right, and Julian Su, second right, pose for a group photo after a joint concert held in Hsinchu City on Feb. 11.

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

Children who take music lessons have better hearing as adults, a study in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests. It found that children who played an instrument, even for as little as one to five years, had enhanced brain responses to complex sounds.

Compared with those who had never taken music classes, they were better at recognizing different frequencies. This improved hearing ability can help listeners follow conversations in noisy environments, such as restaurants.

Report author Nina Kraus said, “Based on what we already know about the ways that music helps shape the brain, the study suggests that short-term music lessons may enhance lifelong listening and learning.”

“We infer that a few years of music lessons also confers advantages in how one perceives and attends to sounds in everyday communication situations, such as noisy restaurants.”

(Liberty Times)







1. infer v.

推測 (tui1 ce4)

例: I inferred from her expression that she wanted to leave.


2. confer v.

賦予;授予 (fu4 yu3; shou4 you3)

例: An honorary doctorate was conferred on him by Edinburgh University.


3. attend to v. phr.

注意;照料 (zhu4 yi4; zhao4 liao4)

例: Doctors tried to attend to the soldiers with the worst injuries first.


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