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Softer restaurant music, lighting can help cut calories: study
餐廳輕音樂搭配柔和燈光 有助減少卡路里攝取

People enjoy drinks in a cafe in Podgorica, Montenegro on Oct. 2.

Photo: Reuters

Just as music and lighting can influence what shoppers buy, toning down the tunes and dimming the lights in a fast food restaurant can help diners enjoy their meal more and eat less, according to a US study.

After transforming part of a fast food restaurant in Illinois with milder music and lighting, researchers found that customers ate 18 percent fewer calories than other people in the unmodified part of the restaurant.

“When we softened the lights and softened the music in the restaurant it did not change what people ordered, but what it did do was lead them to eat less and made them more satisfied and happier,” said Brian Wansink, a professor of marketing and consumer behavior at Cornell University in New York.

Wansink and his co-author Koert Van Ittersum, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, said the bright lights, stimulating colors, and loud music in fast food restaurants are not designed to be relaxing.

So they improved the mood in a section of a restaurant for the study, adding plants, paintings, indirect lights, tablecloths, candles and instrumental music.

After seating customers in both the original and restyled sections of the restaurant, they timed how long their meal lasted and how many calories they consumed. Customers in the modified section ate longer than those in the main dining area, consumed fewer calories and rated the food as more enjoyable.







1. tone down v. phr.

調低;緩和 (tiao2 di1; huan3 he2)

例: Some of the language in the original play has been toned down for the television version.


2. dim v.

調暗 (tiao2 an4)

例: Our hopes dimmed as the hours passed.


3. unmodified adj.

未改造的 (wei4 gai3 zao4 de5)

例: Instead of simply punishing them, the system encourages offenders to modify their behavior.





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