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Sleeping Beauty awakens to another princess’ kiss

A woman sleeps during a performance at Ukraine’s National Art Museum in Kiev, Ukraine on Sept. 5.

Photo: AFP

Can you recognize true love from just one kiss? At the exhibit “Sleeping Beauty” in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, five “sleeping beauties” have signed over their future to bet just that.

The object of the exhibition was for someone — presumably, but not necessarily, a man — to kiss one of the five Sleeping Beauties. If a beauty opens her eyes during the smooch and awakens from her slumber, she must marry that person.

One of them did wake up. But the awakening came after the lips of another woman landed on Sleeping Beauty’s forehead.

Sleeping Beauty Yana Gurzhiy, 24, opened her eyes to Kyiv Mohyla Academy student Katya Kopylenko, who is two years younger. Gurzhiy says she could not tell she was being kissed by a woman. “Of course I was surprised to see a young woman there,” she says.

But now it gets complicated if marriage is in the offing, since Ukraine does not recognize same-sex marriages, and conservative Ukrainian parents do not either. “My mom was so angry at me for taking part in this project,” Gurzhiy says.

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1. bet v.

打賭 (da2 du3)

例: She bet me NT$100 that the film director will come.


2. presumably adv.

大概 (da4 gai4)

例: Presumably you’ve finished your work.


3. smooch n.

吻 (wen3)

例: He gave her a smooch before leaving.


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