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Restaurant owners protest Lebanon smoking ban

A waitress walks past a “no smoking” sign next to an ashtray in a cafe in Beirut on Sept. 3.

Photo: AFP

Restaurant owners and employees have staged a sit-in to protest a new smoking ban in closed public places.

The ban on smoking in places like restaurants and pubs went into effect on Sept. 3.

The restaurant owners say the ban will harm their businesses, where many Lebanese are used to smoking cigarettes and puffing on water pipes. Dozens demonstrated in a restaurant district north of Beirut.

Lebanon’s parliament passed the law banning smoking in closed public places last year. Violators will be subject to fines of about US$90 (NT$2,600) for the client and US$900 for the offending owner. The law also bans cigarette advertising.

Smoking is common in Lebanon. A recent study showed about half of Lebanon’s adults are smokers.

Officials say Lebanon spends about US$350 million annually on treatment of smoking-related diseases.










1. go into effect v. phr.

生效 (sheng1 xiao4)

例: A new regulation will go into effect tomorrow.


2. be used to v. phr.

習慣 (xi2 guan4)

例: I am used to the doctor I have now.


3. be subject to v. phr.

遭受;受…的約束 (zao1 shou4; shou4…de5 yue1 shu4)

例: All employees are subject to the policies outlined in the employee manual.


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