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Larry the cat makes first Downing Street kill too late
賴利貓在唐寧街首度滅鼠 可惜為時已晚

Larry the Downing Street cat sits on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street in London on June 6.

Photo: Reuters

Westminster is not its usual hive of activity over the summer weeks — but one resident has not been kicking his heels.

While his boss sunned himself in Spain and Cornwall, Larry the Downing Street cat has been earning his keep.

The five-year-old feline, who was brought in last year to help curb a mouse problem at Number 10, has finally recorded a kill.

“I can confirm that the cat did kill a mouse this morning,” a Downing Street spokesman said.

Larry joined the staff at Number 10 in 2011 after a rat scuttled across the doorstep to the famous building during a live TV broadcast.

His apparently lackadaisical approach to his mousing duties to date had led to speculation that his days serving the PM could be numbered.

“Larry was sacked after chillaxing too much on the job,” according to a report on Sunday.

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1. kick one’s heels idiom

閒著;傻等 (xian2 zhe5; sha2 deng3)

例: She kicked her heels for hours at the door of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment.


2. earn one’s keep idiom

做好分內工作 (zuo4 hao3 fen4 nei4 gong1 zuo4)

例: He hardly earns his keep around here and should be fired.


3. to date idiom

迄今 (qi4 jin1)

例: We have had no response to date.


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