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Tainan’s milkfish festival kicks off on Sunday

Milkfish are usually in season from July to September.

Photo: Chung Li-hua, Liberty Times

Greater Tainan’s “Milkfish Industry and Cultural Festival” is set to kick off this Sunday. Tainan Mayor William Lai presided over the unveiling ceremony for the Jingzaijiao Ballad Singing Trail last Wednesday and then chowed down on some delectable gourmet milkfish dishes. Lai also analyzed the nutritional benefits of milkfish from the perspective of a medical doctor. He invites the public to come try the fish and experience local fishing culture in Tainan firsthand.

People have been raising milkfish in Tainan for more than 300 years. But this is the first year that Beimen, Chiangchun, Hsuehchia, Cigu and Annan districts are all holding festival activities at the same time. The events will be held every Saturday and Sunday, starting this Sunday and running until Oct. 7.

Last Wednesday Lai was at the event enthusiastically promoting milkfish as its spokesman, and also unveiled the new Jingzaijiao Ballad Singing Trail. He said that Tainan is Taiwan’s largest milkfish producer, with 7,900 hectares of milkfish farms and 14,000 tons of milkfish being produced every year. Tainan’s milkfish is exported to countries like the US and Saudi Arabia. The Tainan Bureau of Agriculture is also expected to help with exports to China, Hong Kong and Singapore in the near future, eventually marketing Taiwanese milkfish all over the world.

As a former medical doctor, Lai says he endorses the fish for its health benefits, saying that studies have shown that milkfish is full of nutrients. It can be sauteed, grilled, steamed, fried, or pickled. Milkfish contains 17 amino acids and is rich in calcium, phosphorous, and gluten, making it a great health enhancement source for the elderly, women and children. Such a nutritious fish is worth promoting, Lai says.


1. delectable adj.

鮮美的;美味的 (xian1 mei3 de5; mei3 wei4 de5)

例: All of the guests kept saying how much they enjoyed the delectable treats you brought.


2. endorse v.

背書 (bei4 shu1)

例: The appropriations subcommittee is endorsing the tax reform bill.


3. nutritious adj.

健康的;有營養的 (jian4 kang1 de5; you3 ying2 yang3 de5)

例: Coconuts are very nutritious as they contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals and fiber.


The festival’s opening ceremony will be held at the plaza in front of Nankunshen Temple on Sunday at 9am, where they will be serving a thousand servings of seafood congee to guests at the event free of charge, as well as a promotional event for various milkfish products. Contact the Beimen District Office for further details.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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