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Myanmar monks back president’s anti-Rohingya plan

Myanmar Buddhist monks attend a rally on the streets of Mandalay, Myanmar on Sunday.

Photo: AFP

Hundreds of Buddhist monks in Myanmar have staged a rally in support of the president and his proposal to send the members of a Muslim minority group to another country.

The rally in Mandalay on Sunday was the latest indication of deep sentiment against the Rohingya minority after June violence with ethnic Rakhine Buddhists that left 80 people dead and tens of thousands displaced.

The monks held a banner saying, “Save your motherland Myanmar by supporting the president.” President Thein Sein suggested in July that Myanmar send all Rohingya to any country willing to take them, a proposal quickly opposed by the UN refugee agency.

Myanmar considers the Rohingya to be illegal migrants from Bangladesh, but Bangladesh also rejects them, rendering them stateless. The UN estimates that 800,000 Rohingya live in Myanmar.








1. displace v.

迫使離開 (po4 shi3 li2 kai1)

例: Many of the inhabitants were displaced by the rising floodwaters.


2. render v.

使得;使成為 (shi3 de2; shi3 cheng2 wei2)

例: Her tone of voice rendered the statement an insult.


3. stateless adj.

無國籍的 (wu2 guo2 ji2 de5)

例: Many stateless refugees find it hard to make a living.


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