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Late night TV/computer sessions linked to depression
深夜看電視用電腦 與憂鬱有關係

Judith from Spain takes part in the Campus Party Europe electronic entertainment event in Berlin, Germany on Aug. 21.

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Sitting in front of a computer or TV screen late into the night or leaving it on when you fall asleep could increase your chances of becoming depressed, according to a study by US scientists.

The study, by a team of neuroscientists at Ohio State University Medical Center, will give screen-addicted night owls pause for thought.

The researchers — who exposed hamsters to dim light at night and picked up changes in behavior and the brain that bore striking similarities to symptoms in depressed people — said a surge in exposure to artificial light at night in the last 50 years had coincided with rising rates of depression, particularly among women, who are twice as prone as men.

The hamsters involved in the experiment were exposed for four weeks to dim light at night — equivalent to a television screen in a darkened room — and the results compared to a control group exposed to a normal light-dark cycle.

The results showed they were less active and had a lower than usual interest in drinking sugar water — both symptoms are comparable to signs of depression in people.









1. pick up v. phr.

發現 (fa1 xian4)

例: We are picking up signals from an unidentified device in the area.


2. striking adj.

明顯的;引人注目的 (ming2 xian3 de5; yin3 ren2 zhu4 mu4 de5)

例: His striking appearance makes him easy to recognize.


3. prone adj.

容易的 (rong2 yi4 de5)

例: She is prone to be moody.


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