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Australia treasurer says he is inspired by ‘The Boss’

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band perform at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sept. 2.

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Australia’s treasurer Wayne Swan says Australians can learn a lot — and avoid economic pitfalls — by listening to “The Boss.” Swan revealed that American rock star Bruce Springsteen has long been his political inspiration. He said the New Jersey-born working class hero’s music railing against inequality echoed Swan’s own public battle against Australian billionaire mining tycoons who oppose his tax reforms.

“‘The Boss’ was and remains my musical hero,” said Swan, who as treasurer is his center-left Labor Party government’s chief economics minister.

Swan, 58, said Springsteen often observed big changes occurring in US working-class life long before economic statisticians recognized them.

He said Springsteen’s 1975 breakthrough album Born to Run, as well as subsequent albums Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, Born in the USA and Nebraska, talked about the shifting foundations of the US economy before the subject became topical.

“If I could distill the relevance of Bruce Springsteen’s music to Australia, it would be this ‘Don’t let what has happened to the American economy happen here,’” Swan said. “Don’t let Australia become a ‘Down Under’ version of New Jersey, where the people and communities whose skills are no longer in demand get thrown on the scrap heap of life,” he added.






「假如我能把史賓斯汀音樂的適切性濃縮成一句話送給澳洲人民,那就是:別讓美國經濟發生的問題在這裡重演,」史旺說。 他補充說:「別讓澳洲成為南半球版的新澤西,讓技術不再受需要的居民和社群被視為沒人要的廢物。」


1. rail against v.

痛批 (tong4 pi1)

例: He railed against the injustices of the system.


2. topical adj.

時事議題的 (shi2 shi4 yi4 ti2 de5)

例: The discussion focused on topical issues in economics.


3. thrown on the scrap heap v. phr.

被視為廢物 (bei4 shi4 wei2 fei4 wu4)

例: Many people over forty who can’t find a job feel they’ve been thrown on the scrap heap.



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