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Physical function poorer following menopause

People exercise at Toucian Sports Park in New Taipei City’s Sinjhuang District at dusk on Sunday.

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

As women go through the menopause, they may see a decline in their ability to carry out routine tasks such as climbing stairs and carrying heavy things, according to a US study.

Exactly why is not clear, though weight gain and depression seem to account for the link to a degree, said researchers whose findings were published in the journal Menopause.

“There is definitely a connection between menopause and the physical limitations women perceive themselves as having,” said lead researcher Lisa Tseng, a medical student at the University of Pittsburgh.

Tseng said her findings suggest that the physiological changes of menopause play a role. A woman’s body tends to go through physical changes with an increase in fat and decrease in muscle mass. With a decline in estrogen, bone mass also falls.

Men also lose muscle mass and strength as they age, but studies have found that a reduction in women’s physical strength seems to speed up around the menopause.









1. account for v. phr.

解釋原因 (jie3 shi4 yuan2 yin1)

例: He has to account for to his manager all of his movements.


2. age v.

年紀增長;變老 (nian2 ji4 zeng1 zhang3)

例: She’s aged since the last time we met.


3. speed up v. phr.

加速 (jia1 su4)

例: This drug may have the effect of speeding up your heart rate.


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