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With a bound and some help from his friends kangaroo is free
彈跳加狐狸野豬助力 袋鼠脫逃逍遙

An undated handout photo from Alberti Circus showing baby kangaroo Skippy, left, next to his mother in Ingelheim, Germany.

Photo: EPA

Authorities in Germany were hunting high and low last Monday for a kangaroo that escaped from his animal park with the unwitting help of a fox and a wild boar, a zoo official said last Monday.

Three kangaroos named Skippy, Jack and Mick on the night of Aug. 12 leapt through a hole in the fence of their enclosure made by a helpful fox, Michael Hoffmann, deputy head of the animal park near Frankfurt, told AFP.

One unadventurously stayed within the park grounds and was swiftly recaptured. The other two scrabbled to freedom through a hole dug by a wild boar under the park’s exterior barriers.

Veterinarians snared one of the refugee pair after a long chase, Hoffmann said, but the third has proved harder to track down.

The animal is no danger to the public, stressed Hoffmann. “He is super friendly, super nice. Absolutely no danger at all.”

There have been several sightings of the kangaroo still at large but he has managed to stay one hop ahead of authorities. He feeds on vegetables and grass, so should find plenty to forage, said Hoffmann.










1. swiftly adv.

迅速地 (xun4 su4 de5)

例: Most Formosan mountain dogs respond swiftly to their owners’ commands.


2. track down v. phr.

追蹤 (zhui1 zong1)

例: Footprints help people track down four-legged animals in forests.


3. forage v.

覓食;搜尋 (mi4 shi2; sou1 xun2)

例: She foraged everywhere in her house to find the ticket to the concert this evening, but in vain.


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