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Singers, artists and activists hold anti-nuclear concert in Taipei
歌手與插畫家 反核站出來

Left to right: Green Citizen Action Alliance (GCAA) secretary-general Tsuei Su-hsin, music critic Chang Tieh-chih, artists Baozi, 57, Ray Lee and The Wall’s executive director Orbis Fu pose for a group photo in Taipei on Satruday.
綠盟秘書長崔愫欣(左起)、文化人張鐵志、插畫家包大山、57、Ray Lee與The Wall執行長傅鉛文週六於台北合影。

Photo: Chen Yi-ching, Liberty Times

Local indie-pop musicians and the Green Citizen Action Alliance (GCAA) held a concert — “Nuclear Power, Go Zero” — at a live music house in Taipei on Saturday, where protest signs reading, “I am human, no nukes” and “No nukes in my music” could be seen all over the venue. The concert consisted of nine acts, including pop singer Cheer Chen, who was joined by her boyfriend, veteran pop producer Tiger Chung, a rare treat having them sing on stage together for the anti-nuclear cause. Nearly 70 anti-nuclear posters were collected from Taiwanese artists for the event. The posters will be on display at exhibitions throughout Taiwan.

The Wall and GCAA held “Nuclear Power, Go Zero” on Saturday at the popular Taipei music venue. Taiwan’s punk pioneers Loh Tsui Kweh Commune, Hakka hip-hop troupe Kou Chou Ching, the Village Armed Youth Band, Hakka folk singer Lin Sheng-xiang, Zulin Wu, and Aboriginal singer Panai took to the stage throughout the concert. It was a lively concert, with various anti-nuclear speeches, a text-messaging petition event, and at the end of the concert the pop icon couple Cheer Chen and Tiger Chung took the stage together, crooning late into the night.

When Chen was on stage singing at this year’s Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival in July, four audience members with anti-nuclear signs came on the stage. Preceding her encore, Chen said that she had no idea the anti-nuclear activists would take the stage, but that she supported their cause and hoped to protect the environment against pollution. “I hope that Taiwan doesn’t become an island nation full of danger and greed,” she said.

GCAA secretary-general Tsuei Su-hsin said that in Japan, where one-third of its energy is nuclear powered, they already have a strong non-nuclear campaign, adding that in Taiwan, where nuclear power only makes up one-tenth of energy sources, the chances of successfully abandoning nuclear energy are much higher, going on to say that artists and musicians are also becoming actively involved in the cause.

Since the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster last March, a “Goodbye to nuclear power” movement petition has already attracted nearly 8 million signatures, including signatures from renowned author Hiroki Murakami, Nobel prize-winning author Kenzaburo Oe, and prominent manga artist Hayao Miyazaki. Artist Yoshimoto Nara also created an anti-nuclear poster, which has gone viral among netizens.

Among Taiwan’s artists, there is also a growing anti-nuclear movement. Huang Mi-lu, who is in charge of Petit Deer Cinema, used Facebook to collect more than 70 anti-nuclear posters, including submissions from popular artists such as Hsu Chih-hung, Chen Sen-tien, a graphic designer who goes by the pseudonym 57, and Baozi. The main theme of all of their creations was, “I am human, no nukes.” On Saturday, more than 50 of the posters were on display at The Wall.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


北市知名樂團演出空間「The Wall」,週六與綠色公民行動聯盟舉辦「核電歸零音樂會」,濁水溪公社、拷秋勤、農村武裝青年、林生祥、吳志寧、巴奈等輪番上陣,現場氣氛狂熱,穿插反核聲明、簡訊連署等活動,歌手陳綺貞與男友鍾成虎則在深夜時壓軸登場。



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