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Intruders cut cables, stop TV broadcast in Maldives
入侵者切斷纜線 馬爾地夫電視台播放中斷

Maldivian women dancers perform a traditional dance on Kaashidoo island on March 22.

Photo: AFP

Intruders cut cables and stopped broadcasts from a private television station in the Maldives on Aug. 7. The station chairman said he suspected government involvement.

Rajje TV has aired reports critical of the government, and international media rights groups have reported declining freedom in the Indian Ocean island nation since a disputed power transfer earlier this year.

Station chairman Akram Kamaludeen said he suspected parties in the coalition government organized the break-in. Police, too, have been hostile to the station after it reported police malpractice, Kamaludeen said. They have also refused to give protection to journalists representing Rajje TV, he added.

Then-Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan became president in February when Mohamed Nasheed resigned after weeks of public protests and loss of support from the military and police.

Nasheed quickly insisted he was ousted in a coup, and his supporters have been protesting since. Nasheed, a former political prisoner, was elected in 2008 in the Maldives’ first multiparty elections following 30 years of autocratic rule.









1. break-in n.

非法入侵 (fei1 fa3 ru4 qin1)

例: Police are investigating a break-in at a house.


2. malpractice n.

怠忽職守;不法行為 (dai4 hu1 zhi2 shou3; bu4 fa3 xing2 wei2)

例: The police are conducting investigations into malpractice and abuses of power.


3. oust v.

推翻;驅逐 (tui1 fan1; qu1 zhu2)

例: The reformists were ousted from power.


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