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Radio still turning Americans on to new music
美國廣播沒式微 新音樂推陳出新

Libyan technicians work at the studio of Radio Zone in Tripoli, Libya on Aug. 5.
利比亞工程人員於八月五日,在利比亞黎波里的一間名為Radio Zone的廣播錄音室工作。

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Video has not yet killed the radio star after all, although YouTube has taken over as the place where most teens listen to music, according to a report released last Tuesday.

Nielsen’s Music 360 report found that radio is still the place where most people (48 percent) discover new music, compared to just 7 percent for YouTube.

But once they have found it, 64 percent of teens listen to music through YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site owned by Google Inc.

Even so, old-fashioned radio — whose demise was marked in the 1979 hit single “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles — is still a big player in the music industry.

The report found that 56 percent of teens listen to music on the radio while 53 percent use Apple Inc’s iTunes music player and half of teens still listen to music on compact discs, or CDs.

Despite the plethora of social networking, blogs and endorsements, 54 percent of the 3,000 Americans surveyed for the report said they are more likely to buy music on the recommendation of a friend than the endorsement of a music chat room or blog.

The report also found that only 36 percent of teens bought a physical CD in the last year, compared to 51 percent who purchased some kind of digital download.

The findings reflect a three percent slump in US album sales in the first six months of 2012 from 2011, and a six percent rise in digital song sales, Nielsen SoundScan reported in July.



尼爾森這份《Music 360》報告發現,大多數人(百分之四十八)仍透過廣播找尋新音樂,相較於上YouTube的百分之七。




1. old-fashioned adj. phr.

過時的 (guo4 shi2 de5)

例:Cassette and MD players are old-fashioned products.


2. physical adj.

實體的 (shi2 ti3 de5)

例: Can I get a physical copy of the newspaper?


3. digital adj.

數位的 (shu4 wei4 de5)

例: In the digital era, people’s lifestyles have changed drastically.







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