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Super-sized guabao created for new Hakka restaurant
特大號割包 百人分享客家味

Lucky Bon chefs pose with their super-sized guabao in Taoyuan County last Wednesday.

Photo: Lee Jung-ping, Liberty Times

Lee Jung-feng, one of the owners and chefs at Lucky Bon, a newly opened Hakka restaurant in Taoyuan County located at the end of Zhongzheng Road, has been a chef of Hakka cuisine for 27 years. He spent the past month trying to make a super-sized 66cm-wide, 108cm-long and 12cm-thick guabao, a traditional Taiwanese steamed bun stuffed with pork, peanut powder, cilantro and pickled vegetables. The giant guabao was served to 100 patrons at the restaurant’s grand opening last Wednesday.

The gargantuan guabao is about 60 times larger than a standard bun. Lee says that giving it the proper shape of a normal-sized guabao was the most difficult part. Usually the buns are made in steamers, but there are not any steamers large enough to cook guabao this big. They also had to consider the overall appearance, shape, taste, ingredients and the consistency of the flour that was used to make it. There were five chefs working on the project for over a month. They failed around a dozen times before finally succeeding.

Dough was used to make the bun of the super-sized guabao, which was filled with superior quality streaky pork and slowly cooked dried mustard cabbage that was steamed, stir-fried, stewed and boiled for four hours. Other ingredients include cilantro, flavored peanut powder and tamarind beans, which give the guabao its robust flavor.

Hakka singer Stanley Hsu from the television singing contest One Million Star and Chang Ching-hui, a former legislator of Hakka ancestry, were invited to participate in last Wednesday’s grand opening activities, which included the cutting of the bun. Everyone said the “Taiwanese hamburger” was savory and delicious and not too oily or salty. The restaurant has already started taking orders to make more of the super-sized guabao.


1. gargantuan adj.

巨大的 (ju4 da4 de5)

例: The gargantuan bed would not fit in the tiny room.


2. superior adj.

上等的;較高的 (shang4 deng3 de5; jiao4 gao1 de5)

例: In the mind of the consumer, certain brands are considered more superior to others.


3. robust adj.

風味十足;濃的 (feng1 wei4 shi2 zu2; nong2 de5)

例: She was surprised at the bland flavor since the sausage was usually quite robust.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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